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FASTER BOAT is exclusive representative and official dealer of one of the most famous boats worldwide - DONZI, trademark that is a certain guarantee for quality and speed.

During the period of its dealership - since 2006 year, the company has succeeded to introduce to the market some of the fastest and ultra-luxury boats that were ever presented worldwide.

Real water chasers with incredible appearance and spirit, these boats are the pick of the high technology and high performance.

During the last year the company has participated in one of the most attractive events that took place at the Bulgarian sea-side - "Baja Rappongi Xtreme" - Kings Class motor boat race.

With the many appearances at the specialized yacht shows the company gave the chance to the visitors to see, touch and even take a ride with some of the legendary models, presented only at one-two places all over the world.

The crown of the surprises, which the company gave to the Bulgarian market, was the one of a kind boat of "Fearless" with the unique design and development of Porsche design studio. It was presented for second time in Europe and for the first time in Bulgaria, so that the fans and the clients could enjoy the peak technology and design of the highest level.

And in order to take the next challenge the company took the dealership of the incredible world trademark - "Nor-Tech" and its roaring rackets – Class 1 Race Catamarans.

With this step the company raised for the next time the level of the speed and the professionalism, representing machines that are equivalent to peak technological achievement, hyper speed, quality and design.

The goal and the future plan of FASTER BOAT is to develop the yacht brand in Bulgaria, raising it’s level to a world one representing models and boats, which are unique and phenomenal not only in Bulgaria, but all over the world.